Monday, June 16, 2014

For the past few years, Chase Headley has often been mentioned as a possible Yankees trade target. He’s kind of been a controversial name for many because no one truly knows what his talent level is. Amusingly enough, the media and non-Yankees fans felt that the Bombers couldn't make a trade for a high caliber player like Headley, and Yankees fans felt that they shouldn't make a trade for a player as streaky as Headley.

As it turns out, the media was probably wrong about Headley’s value, and it would be shocking if the Yankees didn’t have the prospects to trade for him at his present value.

Headley is having the worst season of his career. His OPS is .651, his wOBA is .279, and his wRC+ is 78. He’s still playing good defense, but there’s no denying that he’s been a disappointment this season.

He’s been playing so poorly that I truly wonder if the Padres would even give him a qualifying offer at this point. They aren’t exactly rolling in dough, so it might be a big enough risk. If they can’t resign and can’t risk giving him a qualifying offer, what can they really expect other teams to trade for him?

Even if they were to trade him, all teams would have to do is give up a late-first round type player, which isn’t even that great of a prospect. The Yankees would still love to have him because at the very least he would improve the team’s defense, and the Yankees have bet on players rebounding in the past. Scott Brosius, Nick Swisher, and even Curtis Granderson were all reclamation projects on at least some level.  

The team would take a risk by acquiring Headley, and it’s a risk they kind of have to take. There are not many better options available at the moment. The Yankees probably won’t have to give a top prospect. His value is at an all-time low.

In some ways Headley is there version of Phil Hughes, who showed flashes of potential, but fell off in his contract year, leaving the Yankees no choice but to let him leave for nothing. The Padres shouldn't repeat the Yankees mistake, and should try to trade him at some point.


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