Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yesterday was the opening day for both of the Yankees Gulf Coast teams. Both of the Yankees GCL teams have some very interesting players. But some of the more interesting players on either team, aren’t actually new players. I am referring to the return of several injured Yankee prospects. The Yankees have gone all season without Nik Turley, and most of the season without Luis Torrens, Anderson Feliz, Angelo Gumbs, and Ty Hesley! All of these players returned in the past two days.

Turley and Hensley made their first appearances of the year for the GCL Yankees1 and both did well. Turley pitched 4.2 innings, allowing 4 hits and two walks. He gave up only one earned run, and struck out four batters. He had a 7/2 GB/FB ratio. Of course his actuals numbers aren’t that important, all that matters is the fact that he’s back, and building his arm back up. Not sure how long his rehab will be, but he’d probably be the most major league Yankee starter in AAA. His injury really cost him a big opportunity.

Hensley’s performance is more important because he hasn’t pitched a game since 2012. Ty and the Yankees have been a bit unlucky, but he isn’t seen as a big injury risk, he just had to take care of a congenital hip problem, and an ab injury. He pitched 2.2 innings, allowing 3 hits, one earned run, 1 walk, and a 5 K. He had a GB/FB ratio of 1/1. He is still building up arm strength, but I would imagine that they want him to reach Charleston at some point this season.

Hensley was caught by Luis Torrens, who is rehabbing a shoulder injury. Torrens was the Yankees biggest international signing a couple of years ago, and was in Charleston when he injured his shoulder. Torrens has yet to get a hit at this level, but it’s a good sign that he’s catching. It remains to be seen if he will make it back to Charleston, or be restricted to short season ball.

Gumbs is also on the Yankees1 team, and has played second base. So whatever ailed him seems to be in the past. He was 2-3 today, with a double and two runs. So far he is batting .667 at the level. Like Turley his numbers don’t really matter, but it’s nice that he is hitting the ball well. No one really took his spot in Tampa, and hopefully he takes his spot back soon.

The same can’t be said about Feliz. The outfield is pretty crowded, and Jose Rosario may have played himself into some playing time. Tampa will also get Eric Jagielo back eventually, so it will be hard for Feliz to get consistent playing time. His best hope may be CF, if Cave is promoted soon. His injury and his history of injuries has really hurt his stock. Feliz is currently on the Yankees2 team, he went 0-1, with 1 walk and 1 k. Feliz didn’t complete the game today, which suggests that he is still being worked back, and might take a while to return to Tampa.


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