Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The plan has been in place for quite some time, and with the international signing period opening up today, the Yankees are finally able to put the plan of spending wildly on international players to restock the farm system in action.

The Yankees have officially signing Dominican prospects Dermis Garcia, a shortstop, and third baseman Nelson Gonzalez, per multiple reports.. Both players were rated the No. 1 and No.2 international prospects, according to Combined, the two will cost the Yankees about $5.5 million.

Garcia is a big 6-foot-2,182-pound right-handed shortstop with a lot of raw power and a good arm in the field. Scouts really like his bat speed and easy power, and I would imagine that this kid could move through the farm system pretty quick if he follows to course properly. An average fielder (45-grade), he has an above-average arm (60-grade) and can hit for both average (55-grade) and power (65-grade). Scouts have compared him to a teenage Alex Rodriguez, and we all remember how gifted A-Rod was as a teenager with the Seattle Mariners. Huge signing for the Yankees if this kid pans out.

Gonzalez is a right handed third baseman, and also a pretty big kid at 6-foot-2 and close to 220 pounds. Scouts have given him a reputation as a pure hitter and is considered the best hitter in the entire class by some, ranked No. 2 by The scouting report on him give him a 60-grade hitting, 60-grade power, 60-grade arm and 50-grade fielding. Some believe that his offensive game is ahead of his defense, so he still has some things to workout before being MLB-ready.


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