Tuesday, July 15, 2014

David Robertson is no Mariano Rivera, but a great first half has made a lot of Yankees fans forget that the future Hall of Fame closer is no longer closing out games in the 9th inning.

So far this season, Robertson is 23-for-25 in save chances with a 2.76 ERA in 32.2 innings. With those very good numbers, Robertson is setting himself up to make a pretty penny this winter.

Robertson, whose contract is set to expire after the season, told the NY Daily News on Sunday that he has not yet had any talks with the Yankees about extending his contract before he becomes a free-agent.

“We’ll see what happens [after the season],” he said. “There haven’t been any talks, so we’ll see ... There’s just been zero talks. When the offseason comes, it comes and we’ll hear what other teams and everybody else wants to say.”

The Yankees usually don't talk about contract extensions with players during the season -- they talked with Robinson Cano a little bit last year, but held most talks off until the winter. They also don't usually hand out extensions at all -- Brett Gardner got one during spring training this year as he entered the final year of his contract.

I've never been good with putting tags on how much a player should be making, but giving something like what the Yankees gave Gardner this spring -- four-years, $54 million, would be perfect, but I also wouldn't be satisfied with the Yankees bumping that up to $60 million.

Question: You're Brian Cashman, what kind of contract would you give Robertson? Comment below.


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