Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Because people were essentially stealing his information, Kile McDaniel has released key details about the 2014 international free agent class.

(A link to McDaniel's story can be found here:

The Yankees may spend up to $20 million on this year's international free-agent class. According to Kiley they are thought to have deals with: 3B Dermis Garcia, 3B Nelson Gomez, OF Juan De Leon, OF  Jonathan Amundaray, SS Chris Torres, and SS Diego Castillo. In total, the contracts to these players would add up to about $12 million. 

The position of this class is essentially four shortstops, but Kiley feels that Garcia and Gomez are more likely to play third base. This isn't a bad thing, as the Yankees have a need for both positions. The Yankees will have room for these players, as they have two DSL and two GCL teams. Hopefully all these players are talented enough to begin there careers in the GCL in 2015, but there's no way of knowing that right now.

The Yankees are expected to spend even more money in this years 2014 class. And according to @Yankeesource, an international scout's twitter account, the Yankees also have a verbal agreement with prospect Ricardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a catcher, and is thought to have good power. It's possible that Rodriguez is a part of the Yankees second wave, but it has not been confirmed by McDaniel. 

At the moment fans have to be happy with the way the Yankees have enacted their strategy, the whole second wave strategy allows them to sign late bloomers that weren't great prospects when the team signed their first six prospects. 

Hopefully the Yankees have made the right choices and find some cheap talent in their second wave. At this point the team has yet to sign any pitchers, and that should change before the year ends.


 Josh Sabo is a Minor League writer for Yanks Beat Blog.

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