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The depth of this position is very similar to the depth at short, in the sense that there aren't many major league options but there are some interesting names in the system. No one on this list is really competing for a job on opening day.

Major League Ready Depth:

The Yankees best option in this section may not even be a third-baseman for much longer, but in my opinion Rob Segedin is still the best major league ready third-baseman in the system. Segedin had a WRC+ of 168 in 18 games before being sidelined with a hip injury.

Segedin has Femoroacetabular impingement or FAI, which is a genetic condition, that also resulted in Alex Rodriguez's and Ty Hensley's needing hip surgery. Segedin and Hensley went to same doctor as Alex did, and are both fully recovered.

As was the case with A-Rod, FAI truly inhibits ones range of motions and results in an athlete never reaching his full potential. After A-rod got his surgery done, he and his doctor both said that he should be able to move better than ever.

This is probably even more true for Segedin as he got the procedure out of the way at an earlier age. It also would benefit him more because he isn't the type of athlete A-Rod is, and was limited defensibly at third. Now that his body can finally operate at it's optimal level, perhaps his range at the position will get better.

This would really benefit the Yankees because they would get actually have a decent prospect at a position of need. His bat would be very intriguing as a third-baseman. The move would also benift Segedin, because quite frankly he would be pretty low on the depth chart of major league ready outfielders.

After Segedin the Yankees don't have many major league options at the position. This could change if the team feels that Tyler Austin, J.R. Murphy, or even Ronnier Mustlier are capable at third.

The Yankees have made it pretty clear that Murphy is a catcher, and honestly at 29 Mustlier isn't much of a prospect. However, Austin was allowed to play third in the Arizona Fall League and would be a very interesting option at the position.

Depth Below AA:

The Yankees best option in this section is 2013 first round pick Eric Jagielo. Jagielo is a  is a consensus top ten Yankee prospect. He was ranked as one of the best players in the NYPL last year. And according to Jim Callis he is currently the 11th best third-base prospect in baseball.

The reason that so many are so high on Jagielo as a prospect, is that he is a polished bat with some power. While some still question his defensive ability, he is still improving at the position and most see him as a third-baseman. If he can stick at the position he is a future all-star type talent.

Jagielo should begin the 2014 season in High-A and should quickly progress through the system. By putting Jagielo in high-A the Yankees may be creating yet another logjam at the level. This is because Dante Bichette Jr. will probably start there as well.

2014 will be an important year for Bichette, as he has really been a disappointment over the past couple of seasons. There are several aspects of Bichette's game that needs to be improved in order to considered a top prospect again.

Bichette has yet to hit the way people assumed he could, but his biggest problem may be sticking at third. That was a major question when he was drafted and it remains one now.

Despite his flaws he is still just 21 years old and  it is too soon to give up on him completely on him as a prospect.

But he needs to move soon because both Jagielo and Miguel Andujar may pass him on the Yankees depth chart soon enough. Andujar was a major signing out of the Dominican republic in  2011. He spent the past two seasons in the GCL, and really broke out last season.

Andujar has a good hit tool, and some power at third. Andujar has to be more selective at the plate and to continue to hit the balls to all fields.

 Defensively Andujar has the ability to be an average or better defender. Lastly Andujar is an average runner. Andujar was ranked as one of the best prospects in the GCL last year, and might begin 2013 in low-A.


Considering that Drew Bridges and Matt Duran were on the first-base list there isn't a lot of options for this category. However, there are a few players that are worth checking up on at the start of the 2014 season. One such player is Christopher Tamarez.

Tamarez is only 20 years old so he has time to rebound, but he was pretty awful in the GCL last season. While he was signed as a shortstop, he is now a third baseman who is still learning the position. This might be part of the reason why he struggled so mightily last season.


Josh Sabo is a Minor League writer for Yanks Beat Blog.


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