Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Yankees need a second baseman, and Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips has been a name that's been popping up a lot over the past few days.

Jon Heyman of says that the Yankees turned down an offer from the Reds to would send Phillips to the Bronx in exchange for outfielder Brett Gardner.

As for why the Yanks would deny a trade like this, we just don't know. Phillips is a Gold Glove second baseman with power that would do a fine job of making up for the loss of Robinson Cano in the lineup now that he's with the Seattle Mariners.

Just speculation: Phillips is owed $50 millions over the next four-years, and maybe the Yanks are looking for the Reds to eat up some of his remaining contract. Another thing you could look at is that maybe the Yankees, who say they don't want to trade Gardner, are only looking to deal him if it involves bringing in a starting pitcher, which they are currently looking for.

Gardner is the Yankees' best trade chip since the team acquire Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran, giving them six outfielders. The Yanks would rather keep him, but Brian Cashman says he has been getting a lot of phone calls on Gardy, and is at least willing to listen.

Phillips is in sort of the same situation as Gardner. The Reds say thy aren't trying to move him, but if they can find the right deal, they won't hesitate to move him. They need a speedy center fielder like Gardner, and they apparently have interest in him.

Omar Infante has been one of the Yankees' leading candidates to replace Cano. However, the Kansas City Royals have been pressing very hard for Infante after losing the race for Beltran to the Yankees. Also, Infante is looking for a four-year deal, and some reports say the Yanks aren't willing to give him that fourth year.

But if you remember, they weren't willing to give Beltran the third-year he was looking for, yet they gave it to him anyway.
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