Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Update, 10:42pm EST:
 Per a report that was passed on by Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times, the Rakuten Golden Eagles have officially announced that they plan to post Masahiro Tanaka, letting to finally come to The States after all. Rejoice!

Original: According to reports from Sponichi and Nikkan Sports in Japan, which were passed on by Dylan Hernandez, of the Los Angeles Time, the Rakuten Golden Eagles will let Masahiro Tanaka move to the United States and play the majors next season. The club has not announced it's decision, so nothing is official.

Tanaka, 25, went 24-0 with a 1.27 ERA last season in Japan, and was heavily scouted by the Yankees over the course of last season. He has been one of their top priorities, and are ready to go all-in on him if posted.

Many compare him to be the next Yu Darvish, while some scouts would say that he is good, but no Darvish good. The major league teams hoping to sign him would rather he be Darvish good.

MLB and NPB came to a new agreement on a posting system a couple weeks ago. It set a $20 million posting limit that Rakuten's owners were not happy about, leading to the debate over whether or not they would post him. They had been trying to decide if the should keep him and go after another league championship -- Rakuten won the NPB championship a couple weeks ago -- or post him and take the $20 million.

Hernandez cited from the story that the Golden Eagles had been think about keeping Tanaka to help improve their global brand.

The Chicago Cubs are expected to battle with the Yankees right until the very end for Tanaka's rights. A source told David Kaplen that he believes the Cubs will not be outbid on Tanaka. He also said convincing him to come to Chicago over places like New York and Los Angeles will be no easy task.


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