Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Major League Baseball is still working with the NPB to get a new posting system in place that would let Japanese players be posted by their teams to come to the States.

This news effects the Yankees very much because they have big plans to put every resource they have into winning the bid for right-hander Masahiro Tanaka, who is being called, by some, the next Yu Darvish.

The latest proposal by MLB, according to multiple reports, would put a limit on the size of a bid. In that event, if multiple teams tie with the highest bid, the player would either choose the team he wants to negotiate with, or the team with the worst record from the previous season would win the rights. It's all about whose report you believe on that one.

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports says that no deal between the two sides is imminent, but they are talking, which is good. MLB pulled their offer off the table a couple weeks ago because they felt that NPB was taking too long to give a response.

Tanaka can not be posted until after a new agreement is reached, and that means the Yankees are having to wait to get a chance to add him to the rotation, as planned. Besides Cano, Tanaka appears to be the Yankees' biggest priority this offseason.

Another posting system proposal this offseason included the team with the highest bid only having to pay the average of the top two bids.



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