Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Derek Jeter left in the 6th inning of the New York Yankees' loss to the Boston Red Sox on Saturday, and we still don't know when the 39-year-old Yankees captain will be back.

Jeter was out of the Bomber's lineup for the third straight game Tuesday night as they take on the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards, and as Yankees manager Joe Girardi explained prior to the game, Jeter is still in a "holding pattern" and unable to go through baseball activities because of his cranky left ankle.

Girardi told reporters on Sunday that the Yankees had no plans to shut down Jeter for the remainder of the season, but he did admit that he's unsure if Jeter will even play again this season.

“It’s just hard,” Girardi said. “Because we want him to feel good about going out there and not having some pain, and being able to move the way we need him to move, and the way he wants to move. But we just don't feel like he’s at that point.”

General manager Brian Cashman said that he or the team had still not received a second opinion on the MRI results of Jeter's surgically repaired left ankle that was sent to Dr. Robert Anderson, who performed the surgery last October. He's that they're just waiting for his pain and soreness to fade away.

“If he was moving around, and he was pain-free, then he'd be back out there,” Cashman said. “Once you see him out here doing everything, from batting practice to ground balls to Ozzie Smith flips, you know he’s back on track.” He also added that there isn't any planned date for Jeter to return.

“Our hope is we're going to get him back,” Girardi said. “Is he important? Yes, he’s very important to us. And we've had to deal without him a lot this year. But we miss him. We miss his presence.”

Girardi added, “My hope is we're going to get him back. But I don't know for sure. I can't tell you for sure.” Girardi also said that it's fair to say that Jeter is day-to-day for the remainder of the season.


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