Sunday, January 12, 2014

All along, it wasn't really a matter of if it was a matter of when. Alex Rodriguez has officially been suspended for the entire 2014 season for his role in the Biogenesis scandal. The suspension means that the Yankees won't have their very expensive third baseman next season, and now they have some decisions to make.

Do they sign a third baseman? The Yankees have been interested in re-signing Mark Reynolds all winter. They've been staying in contact with him, but nothing is reportedly close to happening anytime soon, and Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News says that the Yankees have only offered him a minor-league deal, which he obviously won't accept.

Reynolds is a guy that the Yankees like while he was with the club down the final stretch of last season. He provides power in the lineup, and a right-handed hitter with power could be very beneficial for Joe Girardi when making his daily lineups.

He's got a decent glove at third base, one much better than A-Rod and his two hip surgeries. Re-signing Reynolds could probably come pretty cheap -- and anything is cheap compared to the $24 million that the Yankees were going to be paying A-Rod in 2014.

Michael Young is also a name that has been floated around. Saturday morning, just hours before this whole A-Rod fiasco began,'s Andrew Marchand reported that the Yankees will still consider Young, along with Reynolds at third base.

Don't be too excited about this. Young is far from the player he was in his prime. His bat is not nearly as good as it was, maybe, five years ago, and though he is fairly versatile in the field, he gives you almost nothing good with his glove and his range.

Stephan Drew was a rumored option earlier in the offseason, but general manager Brian Cashman said a couple weeks ago that the Yankees are not going to sign Drew, so he can be crossed off the list.

What about some options already on the roster? Kelly Johnson, Brian Roberts and Dean Anna, could all be possible third base options come next season.

Johnson brings some pop to the lineup. He'll benefit from hitting with the short porch in right field, But on the down side, his glove is not that great to have him playing third base on a daily basis. The best option would be to at least platoon him with someone, and maybe Eduardo Nunez could be the man, assuming he even makes the team out of Spring Training.

Anna can play around the infield, including third base. He is one of the most under looked players currently on the 40-man roster. His bat is good enough to get him in the Opening Day roster, and could very well be a regular start this season.

Roberts, in all likeliness, will be the Yankees' staring second baseman in 2014. Though he can play third base, he probably won't see much, if any, time at the hot corner, with there being a few more reliable candidates above him.

The Yankees finally got the the answer they were looking for, being told that they will be without A-Rod next season. However, the real problem is just getting started -- who's on third? Heck, I don't know, and neither do the Yankees.


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