Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Yankees have signed marquee free agents Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, and they could possibly sign Masahiro Tanaka this winter.

Despite acquiring all those players, the success the Yankees have in 2014 weighs heavily on Derek Jeter's performance.

In 2012, the iconic shortstop hit 15 homers with a batting average of .316 and an OBP of .362. Because of injuries, he only played 17 games in 2013. He hit one homer with a batting average of .190 and a .288 OBP in those games.

2014 could possibly be his last season and he believes he can return to form and be the Yankees starting shortstop once again. He is currently having a full offseason getting his strength back in his legs. When Jeter is healthy, even at the age of 39, he is one of the top shortstops in the game.

Eduardo Nunez who played in place of him last season, hit just 3 homers with a batting average of .260 and an OBP of .307. Even as Jeter approaches the age of 40, with a variety on injuries the past few seasons, he will have much better numbers than Nunez had if he can stay relatively healthy.

Maybe even more important than the numbers though, is the veteran leadership he provides that just wasn't there at the shortstop position last season.

As Father Time is finally starting to catch up to him, many people expect another injury-riddled season from Jeter. After all, he isn't just coming off one injury. He had a variety of injuries ailing him in 2013, that kept him off the field almost the entire season.

As people continue to doubt Jeter, don't be surprised if he proves everyone wrong once again. Does he have limited range at the shortstop position? Absolutely. But still, there aren't many shortstops I would take over Jeter if any.

Assuming he stays fairly healthy in what could possibly be his last season, I see him hitting around .285 with around 10 homers. What do you guys expect from him?


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