Monday, November 10, 2014

It's been almost an entire week since the Yankees decided to official extend a qualifying offer to closer David Robertson, and now the Yankees' 9th inning man has until 5 p.m. today to either accept ot decline the offer.

Robertson is expected to reject the $15.3 million offer, which would make him the highest paid closer ever, and instead become a free-agent to negotiate with everyone. No players has ever accepted a qualifying offer from their club, and Robertson certainly doesn't look like he'll be the first.

Even with the likelihood that he'll have a 2015 Draft pick attached to him this winter, Robertson has been drawing a ton of interest around the league already. Finding a solid 9th inning guy that you can count on for an entire season is not easy to find, and Robertson has been more than dependable throughout his Yankees career, first setting up for Mariano Rivera, then taking over the closer role this season, racking up a career-high 39 saves in 63 games this season, while posting a 3.08 ERA and a incredible 13.4 strikeouts-per-9 rate.


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